Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Clinton Dynasty

When the United States of America was founded, it was immediately after a violent revolution that expelled British colonial rule. We didn't like kings, and we certain didn't like one person and their family making decisions for everyone else. The dynastic rulers of most of Europe at the time were shocked and appalled that we would allow the people to... vote. It was seen as the greatest instability possible. To not have one vision for a nation and it's people that carried on for centuries would invite indecision and weakness and would quite possible destroy entire cultures should this sort of revolutionary idea spread. It did, of course, and they were wrong.

Dynastic rule was oppressive, unmoving and backward, and the "culture" and "tradition" they maintained were more like shackles on the people. To be rid of this and to have the general consensus of the population controlling what a nation does was unique in the world at the time and if the people who had signed the Declaration of Independence knew that for close to 40 years this nation would be ruled by just two political families... let's just say the founding fathers are probably 50 feet deeper in their graves from all the spinning.

The election in 2000 really showed the world what had been happening. It was supposed to be a smooth transition from Bill Clinton to his vice president Al Gore so they could continue what Bill ran out of time building. That whole Monica Lewinsky thing had taken up years of his time, carefully orchestrated by his political enemies to destroy his character and end his faction's political ambitions. Unfortunately for Bill, and all of the Wall Street cronies he had made promises to, it worked and they were defeated in a nail-biter by George W. Bush, not to be confused with his father George H. W. Bush who was president just 8 years before.

The outcome was viciously fought in the courts, coming down to one state where the Bush family had an ally. Brother Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida, and George Bush was soon declared the winner of that state's election, which carried him to the presidency. Seeing no use for Al Gore anymore, the wife of the president, Hillary Clinton was handed a senate seat in a state she never lived in to build up her political resume. She was originally supposed to take over for Gore in 8 years to continue the Clinton dynasty and now they had to wait those 8 years. 8 years while the previous dynasty had control again. 8 years while Bush gave away the money they had built up as a surplus, and had plans for... This was a tit-for-tat response to the damage done when Clinton had ruined the Reagan-Bush plans earlier.

After the new Reagan-Bush term was over, Hillary was positioned to take office. With a senate term under her belt and an appropriate resume to take over, the Clinton establishment was shocked when an Illinois state senator with similar credentials by the name of Barack Obama surprisingly won the nomination because he was far more likeable. She was supposed to be the first woman president and the path had been paved for an easy victory, but Obama would be the first black president. With the history of this nation, that was a far more profound victory for the people, and they voted in kind. The first woman would have to wait. The DNC, ever on her side and still run by the last Democratic president's people forced this newcomer to appoint her Secretary of State, arguably the second most powerful office in the country, so she stayed relevant. They would wait another 8 years.

Dynasties, it seems, are the way things work these days. Bill Clinton had cut off George H. W. Bush's planned 8 years and ended many of his policies in what was seen as a political coup at the time. Bush Sr., was himself a continuation of the Reagan dynasty having been his vice president for two terms, and head of the CIA even before that. During his own 4 year term, he continued Reaganomics and much of Reagan's political agenda and to be pushed aside was the beginnings of a new political family feud. This sort of politics, the back and forth swing of the pendulum with ruling families trading power and abruptly ending each others' policies, has always proven to be dangerous in America because a lot of powerful people end up losing a lot of money. Today, counting the terms of our current ruling families, they have held power in this country for close to 40 years, if not longer when you count CIA ties.

Now we're seeing the revival of the Clinton claim to the American throne again, and all of the skullduggery that the DNC is using to make it happen. It's no secret that the Trumps and the Clintons are family friends and have been for many years. In an article on Politico from a few months back it was detailed how Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump had to stop being seen in public together because of the current election. The Clintons were at several of Trump's weddings and over the years have built what can only be called a warm friendship.

It could be, that Trump is the raving, sexist dragon that's been built up for Hillary to slay on her way to becoming the first woman president, again. She's conservative which is a problem, but they've pitted a rabid dog against her so she looks liberal in comparison. Everything was tightly orchestrated to be a compelling story that the American people would eat up and HAVE to vote for, and it went off the rails when Bernie Sanders showed up, almost exactly the same as how Obama showed up 8 years ago. He would have been the first jewish president and this undermined her novelty in the same way. Without that, she's just not likeable enough to play the role set up for her, and has too much baggage to fit it.

But they're still pushing her again. Too many promises made during the Clintonian era need to be honored and a lot of banks and rich wall street people are riding on her success. The main Bush family rival, Jeb, is out and the only other Clinton aside from Bill's loser brother is Chelsea and she's not old enough to run. It must be Hillary or all is lost for those who've been waiting on a Clinton promise for close to 20 years now. If she doesn't win this time, I guarantee we'll see Chelsea or some other Clinton family friend they've been hiding in an attic somewhere running in 2020, but how could she lose? She's best friends with her opponent.

Will Trump play his part though? Or will the power, something he's always pursued, be too much of a temptation? We've got our own "Game of Thrones" happening right now.

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